Fall Winter campaign. Pillow boots. Piumestudio meets Giada Biaggi
Fall Winter campaign. Pillow boots. Piumestudio meets Giada Biaggi

    1) You are a journalist, an author, but also a content creator and a comedian. If you had to choose just one of these definitions which one would you choose? Or do you think your main strength is your versatility?
    I would define myself as a writer; the journalistic part of my writing activity is being replaced by comedy and screenwriting. I'm from the party of fiction andimaginary autobiography. About content creation on Instagram; it is quite inevitable for those who work in entertainment, but I'm more of a paper and pen person.

    2) Female comedy in Italy, apart from some isolated television cases, is not avery popular genre. Do you think this is due to a male-dominated heritage of a certain type of television (and entertainment) where women just have to be good-looking?
    There is indeed a sort of miseducation to accept good-looking women with an opinion on certain topics; I believe this is one of the strongest roots of male privilege in our country. Even in the cinema industry there are still too few female directors and the narration of reality becomes more monolithic and asphyxiating. I want to open the windows!

    3) Where does your desire to experiment with this field of comedy arise from? What artists are you inspired by?
    I have many influences coming from overseas. There's the goddess Phoebe Waller Bridge, author of Fleabag. I also love an English comedian called Katherine Ryan and an American comedian called Cat Cohen. I don't really like the contemporary Italian female comedy, I find it "cheap"!

    4) Sex and philosophy, pop culture and intellectualism, the topics you face are apparently in contradiction and yet they find a perfect fit within your work. How do you do it?
    I read books and masturbate every day! I think that life is made up of the meeting of opposites and within my work I try to represent reality.

    5) Point-blank question: how sexy is culture?
    A lot; I've always found it sexy. Concepts such as the rhizome of Deleuze, or the elegance of thought in general; if you're used to it, it's hard not to get aroused. I think philosophy is an extremely sexy discipline; the closer you get to your object of study the further you move away from it - I think it is the same with love. The philosophy reflects the Tantric dialectic of desire in an intellectual way.

    6) Your style, which you like to call 'Sex Tirolo', is a mix of pastel shades, precious details and contrasting patterns. How much are clothes used to convey a message? Does fashion also have a social function?
    A lot. There is still something sick in our society if a woman in a bikini is perceived as less intelligent and more frivolous; this is why my comedy also starts from fashion to deconstruct it and overcome, like a Hegelian fashion synthesis!


    Photo by Sara Lorusso @loruponyo @mulierismagazine /Art direction and casting by Giustina Guerrieri @carinemorris_/ Styling by Anna Carniel @annycarny / Models Greta Langianni @gretafutura - Marika Zaramella @leitalienne - Arlyn Esther @arlyn_esther - Sarah Misciali @samisc_ Giada Biaggi @giadabgg Nazareth Yemane @jesusitsnazareth / VIDEO Anderea Lamedica @imloppi / GROOMING Davide Perfetti @davideperfetti_ e Martina Porcelli @martinaporcellimua / A special thanks to @arthurarbesser @magarchivio @acidalatte_