Fall Winter campaign. Pillow boots. Piumestudio meets Mulieris Magazine: an interview with Sara Lorusso and Greta Langianni founders of Mulieris Magazine
Fall Winter campaign. Pillow boots. Piumestudio meets Mulieris Magazine: an interview with Sara Lorusso and Greta Langianni founders of Mulieris Magazine

    1) How was the Mulieris project born? Was there a particular need that prompted you to create this kind of platform?
    Mulieris was born after a long chat between me and Sara, from the desire we had to give space to creative women in the business sector ; being both photographers, in our early working years we were often told "You know, a female photographer has never shot me before", almost as if we were an alien form, when actually female photographers and creatives in general account for about 80% of students graduating from art academies. But only a small percentage is then working actively. It would be simplifying to explain these data with a simple matter of being talented or not, perhaps it's more likely that our society is built to bring out certain types of individuals more than others?

    So we decided to create a space where we could give visibility and support the artists around us. This space has then become much more, it's a place of emotional and personal connections continuously developing.
    First we opened our IG profile; shortly after we started thinking about developing a paper magazine. We liked the idea of ​​something permanent, something tangible, and that others could embrace.

    2) Female creativity: in recent years, mainly thanks to social media, women are having the opportunity to express themselves and show their talents.
    At what stage of this process are we, in your opinion, especially in Italy? What difficulties have you encountered because of your gender and your age?

    As we said previously, that's exactly where our project comes from; our personal difficulties in being creative women in Italy.
    Working in creative industries, especially if you are young, you're in a position where you are often not given the respect you deserve. We have had meetings with people who didn't take us seriously, clients who treated us like little girls, awkward jokes, embarrassing set situations, such as the classic phrase "is she the make up artist?" as soon as we arrive on set and the quite surprised face when we answer "No, I'm the photographer". These might seem innocent comments, but they are small thoughts resulting from a mentality that in some aspects is still dull.

    Social media has certainly been a platform for all creative women to regain possession of their space and freely enjoy their work.

    3) Question for Sara: in your shots we often find the body, in its natural and imperfect beauty, and a love which has no shape, gender, age or any convention. How important is it for you as a photographer to express these emotions and how much have you felt limited - just think of Instagram censorship - in doing so?
    Recently a photographer which is a great friend of mine, during a moment in which I was discouraged, told me that my photography is political. I had never given much weight to this thought before. I have always told what surrounds me because I like to represent it, I love to see the vulnerability of the human being and that if we love something or someone we do not set limits.
    When I started being censored on Instagram I thought "Wow, I am going against the system!"; then I was afraid, I feared that the whole community I had built over the years could disappear, that all the people who thanked me for my photos might have not seen them anymore. But I was even more afraid the day I was censored in real life, when my photos were not showed because they were too 'explicit', 'biased', 'engaged'. And that's where my friend told me 'your work is political' and I think it's wonderful. I hope it will always be like this, because I want to take sides and not feel limited.

    4) Question for Greta: you are a content creator but also a popular model. There are many girls who ask you how to learn to accept themselves and feel good about their body. What is your advice? Was it a long process for you?
    I think the acceptance of yourself, whether it is about your psyche or your body, is a neverending process. Especially when you work with your own image I think it is essential to be aware of what you are for better or for worse, otherwise you might fall into a loop of external comments that can question what you really are, altering the perception of self.

    For me it was essential to understand that, to accept myself I did not have to love every single part of me and consider myself perfect; on the contrary what made it possible for me to live with myself peacefully was to analyze my strengths and weaknesses and understand how their balance made me what I am.

    I am aware that I am not the most beautiful, intelligent, funny etc ... there will always be someone who is "more" than me and us, whether in our opinion or the opinion of others. This form of competition of having to be more and more / own more than someone else often takes us off track from our personal path; the only person we should compare ourselves with is the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves, and that's what our ultimate goal should be.

    ​​5) PIUMESTUDIO is a 100% Italian and vegan brand, which has comfort as its main focus. How important is it for you, especially during the days of the set, to feel confident with what you wear and how important are product materials for you?
    It is vital for us to feel comfortable both at work and outside, for a state of mental and physical confidence.

    Attention to materials and the story behind a product are fundamental for us. We often buy from independent made in Italy brands, or secondhand, as we prefer to have less garments made of good materials rather than many bad quality garments.


    Photo by Sara Lorusso @loruponyo @mulierismagazine /Art direction and casting by Giustina Guerrieri @carinemorris_/ Styling by Anna Carniel @annycarny / Models Greta Langianni @gretafutura - Marika Zaramella @leitalienne - Arlyn Esther @arlyn_esther - Sarah Misciali @samisc_ Giada Biaggi @giadabgg Nazareth Yemane @jesusitsnazareth / VIDEO Anderea Lamedica @imloppi / GROOMING Davide Perfetti @davideperfetti_ e Martina Porcelli @martinaporcellimua / A special thanks to @arthurarbesser @magarchivio @acidalatte_