A round-the-world trip to Italy, which has always been synonymous with quality and research.
PIUMESTUDIO was born from the idea to create something that would meet the needs of the contemporary world: comfort and personality.

In order to achieve that, we chose not to simply establish a brand, but a creative hub in constant ferment and expansion and therefore open to infinite possibilities.

Sensitive and connected to the outside world, we chose to produce our collections in Venice, the capital of Italian excellence, but we are also constantly updated on the latest generation materials to guarantee the best customer experience, this is why we went as far as Japan to find the best performing nylon on the market.

We believe 100% in full respect of our suppliers and for this reason we chose to marry a sustainable manufacturing approach and with the necessary timing for an artisanal production, using only totally vegan raw materials.

PIUMESTUDIO is a fluid movement, an hub ready to change its shape with its community and constantly connected with the needs of the surrounding world, as we firmly believe that people are our strength and our primary source of inspiration.